DK surfboards started in a screened in porch in a north Florida suburb at the age of 14. At the time I had no idea what this idea would become and the ride that lay ahead. For 4 years I managed to afford to make boards for friends, family and myself on a screened in porch in beautifully humid north Florida. After a few inspiring trips to the mecca of surfboards (southern California) I had decided I would go for it and move west. Only a few weeks after graduation I was on I-10 heading west. Truck Packed to the top with all of my belongings, tools, and boards; I was stoked. After a few weeks of surfing everyday I landed jobs at a few premier glasshops, showing me the production side of glassing which I had never seen. I still feel that it is important for any shaper to be able to glass his own board all the way through, each step of the way and be able turn out a board he could be proud of.

    While working at moonlight glassing after living in Leucadia only a few months I was introduced, by my roomate, to Rich Pavel. A man who's boards had inspired many of my boards in the backyard days. Soon after Rich invited me over to shape under his wing, I was blessed to have a shaping bay next door and to be working with him on a day to day basis. Thus further advancing my skills for over 9 months at a much more rapid pace than on mom's porch. I will be the first to admit much of my learnings I owe to Rich, as he taught me the craftsmen side of the job.

    I am fortunate to be surrounded by great people and true craftsmen and owe great thanks to Moonlight glassing, Rich Pavel, Jimmy Jazz and the lokbox crew and my mother! My goal is still to make the most quality surfboard available and do my part to keep the custom surfboard alive! Working to get the site up and running with new board pics coming very soon!


-DJ Kane